Honeytiger | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

Yesterday, local rock duo Honeytiger released a quirky new song filled with impressions of dazed living in the heat of July.

“South Philly Summertime” finds singer Isaac Clark asking, “Would you mind being so kind as to take my photo? […] Would you mind giving us a ride to the beer distributor?” as though approaching a stranger on the sidewalk. Josh Glauser‘s drumming pulls the song back and forth from shifty upbeat verses to choruses that creep forward with painful slowness, creating the sense that the atmosphere gets thick with sweat each time Clark repeats the refrain, “South Philly summertime.”

This one-off Bandcamp release follows the single “Piece of Cake” from last month. Honeytiger released their debut LP Half Clean in 2016, as well as the smaller releases Tangerine in 2017 and Short Cut Loud Talkers in 2018.