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Nina Keith | photo by Madeleine Bishop | courtesy of the artist

Our pasts dictate so much of our experiences of the present. Our personal histories weave together with our perceptions of the present to create what we understand as reality. On her debut album, Philly experimental artist Nina Keith explores how her past affects her. Set in hospitals, forests and churches across Northeast Philly, MARANASATI 19111 sees Keith diving headfirst into the vast wells of her memory. One play of the album’s first single, “Hereditary Trauma Dream Sprinting (Oxford Circle)”, is enough to convince you to dive in alongside Keith.

Barring some backing vocals by Becki Freiberg, every sound on MARANASATI 19111 is credited to Keith. Across the album she plays piano, flute, and synths. She sings, composes, and produces. The album is undeniably her own. Not only does it tell her story, it serves as a monument to her immense talent and ambition. Through its roots in classical music and its ties to contemporary experimental production, the album exists in the small space between the past and the future.

Hereditary Trauma Dream Sprinting (Oxford Circle)” is a dizzying, yet deeply soothing listen. It opens with distorted bird chirps and gushes of wind. Bright pianos come in, and are followed by webs of vocals, synths, flutes, and samples. It sounds like a warm summer breeze feels – comforting, exciting, and special. In its last minute, the song gets denser, but feels lighter. None of Keith’s sounds are burdensome or heavy. Rather, they tip-toe into your ears and dance in your mind. 

Listen to “Hereditary Trauma Dream Sprinting (Oxford Circle)” below. MARANASATI 19111 is due August 30th. Keep an eye out for show announcements in the coming months. 

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