RFA | photo by Ashley Gellman for WXPN

RFA opened XPN Fest at noon with a refreshing sense of urgency. The band flew through their setlist, seldom introducing songs or speaking to the audience. But as a group that is still somewhat under the radar, they made the best use of their time. RFA sought out to do one thing, showcase their immense musical talent and garner new fans. Which as a young, stylish, talented indie band they undoubtedly did.

One of the loudest sets at the Waterfront stage thus far, RFA is a modern garage band. Members, Dan Cousart (vocals, guitar), Christian Turzo (lead guitar), Brendan McHale (bass, vocals), and Alec Powell (drums) were all about the music. The performance was no frills but featured skilled guitar riffs, percussion with crashing symbols, and impressively controlled vocals. The passion they each have for their music is contagious and their chemistry as musicians is also unmatched. They have even given each other nicknames like Anzie, Branzie, Cranzie, and Danzie.

Frontrunner, Coursart made sure to periodically step away from the music to remind the audience that the band playing was indeed RFA. After a performance like this, I don’t think the audience will be able to forget.

RFA – XPoNential fest 2019

Small Talk
Late to the Party
Cold Teeth
Something Tells Me That I’m In For Something Good
All Dressed In Blue
Goodbye Stranger
Just Don’t Turn The Lights On