Cold Soul | via Facebook

Cold Soul are a four piece Philly indie rock group with a smooth sound reminiscent of Clairo and Cuco. On their new single “Sad Girl Hours,” the group delivers a strong tune about heartbreak and trying to piece yourself together after hard times.

Comprised of vocalist Rachel Nakshian, bassist Owen Kirchner, drummer Dontres Davis, and lead guitarist Himanya Behl, the quartet hold down an intoxicating groove as Nakshian’s airy vocals guide the track. The music intensifies, then crescendos into a wild chorus. Nakshian’s vocals are still at the forefront, but her bandmates is brought up to the same intensity.

As the song winds down, Nakshian’s concluding lyrics leave the listener empathic of the situation: “I will try to be the same for you, yeah.” Overall, the tune is mellow, introspective, and powerful.

Listen to “Sad Girls Hours” below, out now on Mad Dragon Records.