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The Retinas | photo by Ashley Cordoba | courtesy of the artist

Philly rock favorites The Retinas are back, this time with a crashing new single to tease the release of an upcoming self-titled album. The single, titled “Problem With The World”, packs gripping basslines, slamming kick drum, and arrant rejection of the mundane — all essentials marking the trio’s vein of post-garage indie rock.

On “Problem With The World”, fuzzed-out, reverb-heavy vocals lament the limitations set in place by those close in our lives and the outside world alike, inciting rebellion as the only way out. With the first verse, lead vocalist Thomas McHugh relays his resentment: “You got a problem with the law / You wanna be something but they wrap you up, strap you up, beat you up, put you on the ground.” Desire to break free from social obligation and frustration at failure are each palpable on this track, bubbling to the surface on each ascending chorus melody, and finally peaking with an explosive guitar break in the last third of the song. Regarding the turbulent nature of this track, The Retinas made comment:

“It speaks to what we see in the news and the limitations of society, the stressors of individual vs. society. It speaks to growing older with friends and family and feeling limited in who they knew you as you were younger and who you strive to be today. The people you love the most are usually the people who trap you in who you were when you were younger as you’re striving to change and grow. It speaks to relationships and loving someone even when it’s painful.”

Formed in 2011, The Retinas (comprised of vocalist/guitarist Thomas McHugh, drummer Anthony Fulginitti, and bassist Andy Silverman) have been furthering their roots into the Philly scene for quite some time now. A look at their discography, brimming with a handful of singles and two 5-track EPs all released in a two-year span, shows the group has no intention of slowing down – building all the more anticipation for the arrival of their self-titled album. It’s sure to be a headbanger.

Check out “Problem With The World” below and get excited for The Retinas, out on October 25th on Medical Records.

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