Catcalls | photo by John Ryan | courtesy of the artist

Catcalls played their first show just last month, and now the newly-formed trio has shared their debut EP, Queer Growl. The eight-song collection of spirited punk rock is out now via Bandcamp before its official release this Friday. Mastered by Philly scene vet Ryan Schwabe, Queer Growl has the polished yet scrappy sound of a band that’s already found their footing while holding tight their punk roots. 

A self-described “queer rock band with punk tendencies,” Catcalls’ range of influences can be heard across the release — a bit of Weezer, a bit of Rilo Kiley, a bit of The Ramones — and even without having seen them play it’s easy to imagine how the EP’s songs will translate in a live setting. Welcome Catcalls to the Philly scene and listen to Queer Growl below.