Moor Mother just released “The Myth Hold Weight,” another track from her forthcoming album Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes, out next month. The project of Philadelphia poet, rapper, and activist Camae Ayewa, Moor Mother released her debut LP Fetish Bones in 2016. The new release will also be accompanied by a book of Ayewa’s poetry.

Ayewa partnered with Philly’s King Britt to produce “The Myth Hold Weight,” the new album’s third single; he also collaborated on the last single “Black Flight.” The sparse track focuses on spoken word as Ayewa intones with force and conviction, “The myth hold weight like all the money from cotton, right? The myth hold weight like all the money from sugar, right?”

Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes will be released November 8 via Don Giovanni Records. Moor Mother tours the UK and Europe this fall, performing both solo and with her trio ZONAL, and also in collaboration with London Contemporary Orchestra. Listen to “The Myth Hold Weight” below.