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Gracie Martin & The So Beautifuls return this month with a new single, “Like Falling Asleep.” The Philly/Rochester singer-songwriter released her debut EP Unconscious in 2017, and leans deeper into her unconventional folk-pop sound on the new track. “Like Falling Asleep” also delves into complicated emotional territory as the songwriter weighs love and pain over a soaring, twisting melody.

Martin writes on Bandcamp:

“The heart of the song is rooted in a longing for mindfulness within romantic experiences. Throughout my youth it felt like being single (especially as a young woman) was as unnatural as my disordered sleep patterns. All the media I consumed centered romance so much that it felt I wouldn’t fully exist until I was in a relationship with a man. I had romantic tunnel vision when I first fell in love at 17, not caring that I was entering an extremely damaging relationship. Now 10 years later it’s hard for me not to view romantic love the same way we all have to view healthcare: A basic human need that has been taken away and sold back to us by a corrupt industry. As I look back on my romantic past, this song both hurts and helps as I weigh my desire to rush into something new against the pain of having done so in the past.”

Recorded at the Headroom and mastered by Philly scene vet Ryan Schwabe, “Like Falling Asleep” is the first of two singles Gracie Martin will release as 2019 comes to a close. The UArts alum has also worked extensively in the Philly theatre scene and recently contributed original music to the soundtrack of The Wilma Theatre’s production of Romeo and Juliet.

Listen to “Like Falling Asleep” below. Gracie Martin is the featured artist at the next Philly Rising Open Mic night on November 5 at World Cafe Live. Find more information here.

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