Last night, Angel Olsen and Vagabon played uncompromising sets that challenged their listeners and demonstrated their artistry at Franklin Music Hall.

Both musicians have expanded their sound to include atmospheric production and electronic instrumentation. Vagabon’s opening set had looping effects, strings, and drum machines. While her performance was short, she made the most of her time, showcasing her recent self-titled release and reaching back to Infinite Worlds for “The Embers.”

Vagabon | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

Angel Olsen and her band have traded in their blue suits for black and a sparse stage for ballroom-evoking grandeur. While the band is comprised of mostly the same players we’ve seen in the past (including former Philly resident Paul Sukeena on guitar), the sound is more atmospheric than their last tour. This worked well for the new songs from her recent release All Mirrors — like the cathartic, dramatic “Lark” — but there was about a five song stretch towards the end that focused on her older ballads and put a damper on the trajectory of the set.

However, the overall performance reflected the intensity of the new album and Olsen’s unwavering commitment to her art. Check out photos from the show in the gallery below.