MHYSA, the musical project of Philly conceptual artist E. Jane, will return with a new album, NEVAEH, next year. A meditation on the black femme experience, MHYSA takes inspiration from the R&B music she grew up with, but reinterprets it through a queer lens. NEVAEH‘s lead single “Sanaa Lathan” is out now.

MHYSA started working on NEVAEH shortly after releasing her debut album fantasii in 2017, recording the album in her West Philly apartment. Her first for Hyperdub, MHYSA calls the new album “a prayer for Black women and femmes to be taken to or find a new and better world away from the apocalypse… a safe space, a sort of negro heaven.”

Listen to “Sanaa Lathan” below. NEVAEH will be released February 14.