Joining us in the studio for this Indie Rock Hit Parade live session is a raucous group of close-knit friends. Formed in Chicago 10 years ago, Twin Peaks released their fourth album, Lookout Low, last fall. The band, along with special guest vocalists (and IRHP session vets) Ohmme, visited our studio to showcase some of their new material.

If Twin Peaks often sound like multiple bands rolled into one, there’s a good reason for that. Lead vocal duties are shared between four of the band’s five members. Leading off the session is the ambling “Unfamiliar Sun,” led by bassist Jack Dolan. The song’s warm arrangement and easygoing shuffle is a stark change from the group’s early material, but in this case the stylistic growth is welcome. Next is “Under a Smile,” with guitarist Clay Frankel directing a thrilling call-and-response with his bandmates. Guitarist Cadien Lake James steps into the spotlight on an energized performance of “Dance Through It,” which served as Lookout Low‘s lead single. “Ferry Song” features keyboardist Colin Croom, and evokes his river-bound commutes while living in New Orleans. Finally, Frankel leads the band, especially drummer Connor Brodner, through one last workout on “Oh Mama.”

Listen to Twin Peaks’ Indie Rock Hit Parade session below, watch the band performing in the studio and check out some of Jamie Stow’s photos.

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