For at least a thousand Philadelphians, their introduction to Philly rapper / producer Yoshisun happened back in October when he was pulled onstage with Tierra Whack at the House of Vans pop-up and took the mic to freestyle for a minute.

As it happened, Yoshi — FKA Argyle — has been hard at work on a big project release for 2020, and has been teasing it with impromptu releases in the months since that show. First was #FREEGLUTEN, a short and sweet December EP that showcased his idiosyncratic lyrics and trippy approach to production. Last week came PERFECT HAIR, a collection of tracks focusing on his soundscaping ability — mixing trap beats with otherworldly instruments, like the soul strings on “Ritual Beginning” and chiming bells on “Euno Loop.” Yoshi also uses thought-provoking samples from phonecalls, stand-up routines, and more to further engage the listener.

“I wanted people to hear a sample of where my production went,” Yoshi tells us, describing PERFECT HAIR as “a myriad of instrumental stuff with various audio and social commentary laid over top.” We particularly hear that in “Rites,” a dreamy song centered around a snippet where an unidentified speaker offers up the viewpoint that using a sanitized version of a racial slur is still, in effect, the same as using the racial slur.

Yoshi says that the full album will be even more immersive, and he anticipates a summer release, with a lot more teasers and one-offs dropping between now and then. Below, take a listen to both #FREEGLUTEN and PERFECT HAIR.