Philadelphia artist Rego balances pop ambition and gripping modern rock; think of her as a little bit Lady Gaga, a little bit Billie Eilish.

That dual identity translates in a visual sense on the haunting new music video for “You Don’t Say My Name,” a blazing track from Rego’s 2019 EP To Be Determined. Shot by Quynh Le and directed by her bandmate and creative collaborator Tristan Seyek, the video is the product of a 15-hour shoot in a friend’s bathroom, that inadvertently becomes a portal to another world.

The hard-hitting song talks about crippling self-doubt that occurs at the end or in the wake of a bad breakup, and the lyric “Sittin on the bathroom floor, trying not to lose my soul” is given a literal depiction as we see heartbroken, tormented Rego doing exactly that, as demonic Rego rises out of the tub to taunt her, and mysterious Rego — decked in a gauzey outfit and pearl-dappled mask – observing the scene.

Watch below, and find out more about Rego at her Facebook page.