Madalean Gauze is back with a new song, “IDC ABT FASHION.” The inspiration for the song came about five years ago, when Madalean Gauze was working in a clothing store on the Main Line with her friend Khaki Capri, who’s featured on lead vocals on the track.

Even if they don’t care about fashion, the stuff they dealt with on the job had a lasting impact, clearly. According to Gauze, “We also caught one of the biggest shoplifters on the mainline at that job, there is an article abt it. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.”

Gina Piccari, Ali Dundovich, and Candice Martello are also featured on the new track. “IDC ABT FASHION” is free to download on Bandcamp, but Gauze also welcomes donations from those who are able to help out some of the folks who helped record the song who have lost out on work recently. Listen below.