Rosali just released Sketches of Trouble, a collection of demos from the making of her most recent album, 2018’s Trouble Anyway. The demos are available to download on Bandcamp on Friday, May 1, while the platform is waiving its share of revenue to let fans directly show their support to artists impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sketches of Trouble includes voice memos songwriter Rosali Middleman recorded on her phone throughout 2015 and 2016 as she worked through ideas for the new record. “These recordings are the songs in their raw form, some not entirely figured out,” Rosali writes on Facebook. “Hear me playing around with lyrics, the freight train cars docking outside my bedroom window on Rise to Fall, and birds chirping on If I Was Your Heart 🖤 I hope it gives you cozy feelings.”

Find the collection below via Bandcamp. Also today only, 100% of proceeds from purchases of Hamilton Calhoun’s remix of Rosali’s “I Wanna Know” will be donated to the Philadelphia Share Food Program.