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Geology, the solo project of mewithoutYou bassist Greg Jehanian, has put out a new song called “Ordinary Days.” The track appears in advance of the release of his new album, Light of the Risen Year.

The song starts with a folkish body before gradually adding in sharper, more atonal elements, such as electric guitar licks and feedback noise that punctuate the arpeggiated piano notes and regular percussion. These harsher elements increase with the song, culminating in a brief cacophony before dropping out entirely.

Lyrically, “Ordinary Days” is about reminiscing on the start of a relationship. “When was the last time / There were ordinary days?” Jehanian asks. “And when was the first time / You said my name?” The increasing electric and cacophanic elements add a certain apocalyptic credence to Jahanian’s lyrics about how “There is a difference / Between the flooding and the rain,” blending the beautiful and the tragic.

Light of the Risen Year was originally scheduled for release on June 5, but Jahanian says, “I found it hard to find the head and heart space to commit to finishing it this past week, and it didn’t feel appropriate to do a lot of self promotion leading up to it with all of the crucial dialogue taking place.” The full album will likely be released “within the next week or two,” but in its place, he released “Ordinary Days.” Listen below.

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