Local singer-songwriter Dylan Jane dropped two new tracks today on Bandcamp. The first is an original, called “Tried and True,” while the second is a cover of the Motels’ “Only the Lonely.”

On last year’s Half the Battle EP, Jane showed a talent for creating a whole out of songs of different genres or sounds, and that skill is replicated in her two new releases. “Tried and True” leans on keys and violins to achieve its melancholic sound, paired in beautiful fashion with lower, raspier vocals. “Only the Lonely,” meanwhile, is more guitar-oriented and features a higher-pitched, sweeter-sounding vocal line.

The multiple dichotomies between the two songs make them an excellent pair: original versus cover, keys versus guitars, darker intonation versus lighter. Even the respective song titles show a balance: “Tried and True” is alliterative, repeating the same beginning sound, while “Only the Lonely” rhymes, pairing the two ending syllables. The songs tie together well, but can stand on their own just as easily.

Today, Bandcamp is donating 100% of their share of music proceeds to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Jane will also be donating her portion of music sales to Black Lives Matter Philly.

Check out “Tried and True” and “Only the Lonely” below.