Despite already releasing an album (BRAT), an EP (Black Plight), and two non-album singles (“Gimme Gimme” and “Impatient”) in 2020, the multi-instrumentalist / singer / songwriter / producer NNAMDÏ is back with another LP, KRAZY KARL. Featuring tracks with titles like “Milkshake made my tummy hurt! It must be poisoned!,” “The Lord is My Glock, I Shall Not Want,” and “Kitty Can’t Decide,” KRAZY KARL is an absurdist, genre-defying combination of PC Music’s radical pop futurism and progressive math rock’s ordered chaos.

On KRAZY KARL, NNAMDÏ sought to replicate Looney Tunes composer Carl Stalling’s prolific output and rule-breaking, comedic style. Channeling this manic sense of humor, none of the 10 tracks on KRAZY KARL are longer than a few minutes (except for one, “Have Mercy, Take Mercy). With an insanely bouncy, orchestral flair, KRAZY KARL feels like music that 100 gecs would make if they ditched the electronics for live instrumentation.

At its most tedious, KRAZY KARL can occasionally sound random for the sake of being random. But when the stars align, like on the epic closing track, “Pray Tell,” NNAMDÏ’s absurd sonic sensibilities sound futuristic and stunning. KRAZY KARL is a sugary cup of Red Bull-infused coffee, distilled into a hyperactive, addictive shot of pure musical energy.

Purchase NNAMDÏ’s KRAZY KARL here, and stream it on Bandcamp below.