Last Friday, Sufjan Stevens released America,” the lead single to his upcoming album The Ascension. Today, the singer/songwriter behind modern classics like Illinois and Carrie & Lowell has released the B-side to “America,” titled “My Rajneesh.” Although “My Rajneesh” will not be featured on The Ascension (out September 25th), a 12″ vinyl with both singles will be available for purchase on July 31st.

With it’s 12-and-a-half minute runtime, “America” feels epic in scope. “My Rajneesh,” clocking in at 10-and-a-half minutes, shares that same feeling of cautious grandeur. Another similarity to the previous single is in its production; “My Rajneesh” showcases experimental electronica, ranging from gentle synth arpeggios to forlorn wails and bombastic drum machines. The links between “My Rajneesh” and The Age of Adz, Stevens’ 2010 effort, are clear, especially in the harsh squelches of tracks like “Vesuvius.”

Listen to Sufjan Stevens’ “My Rajneesh” below. Purchase “America”/”My Rajneesh” on 12″ vinyl here (available July 31st).