Mary Lattimore's "Sometimes He's In My Dreams" has gorgeous depth - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

Mary Lattimore, a celebrated harpist with roots in Philadelphia, has announced a new album, Silver Ladders, to be released on October 9th. With the lead single “Sometimes He’s In My Dreams” out now, this collection of ambient harp instrumentals is set to be one of the most thought-provoking, beautiful albums of the year. Neil Halstead, lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for legendary shoegaze band Slowdive, produced Silver Ladders and contributed synth and guitar lines.

“Sometimes He’s In My Dreams,” is a shimmering, introspective piece of harp music. String plucks are layered over each other, mimicking the tinkling timbre of a kalimba. Melodic lines are played and abandoned sporadically throughout the piece, rising and falling in the mix like waves lapping at a shore: this is as stream-of-consciousness as music gets. Halstead’s contributions on this piece are welcome; a bassline gently grounds the piece, while guitars dance slowly around Lattimore’s stunning harp work.

Listen to Mary Lattimore’s “Sometimes He’s In My Dreams” below. Pre-order her upcoming album, Silver Ladders, here.

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