Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Elise Okusami, better known as Oceanator, will release her her debut full-length, Things I Never Said, on August 28 via Plastic Miracles. As part of the album announcement, the artist also shared a single from that upcoming album, “I Would Find You.”

The song combines the anxiety of impending destruction with peppy synth lines and a steady drum beat. Okusami’s voice is outwardly measured and restrained, juxtaposed against the emotion within the lyrics. Okusami said of the track, “It’s a synth-y, vibey rock song. It’s about taking care of the people you love in dangerous or hard times. It’s a platonic love song to a friend at the end of the world.”

Between “I Would Find You” and previous release “A Crack In The World,” Things I Never Said is the soundtrack for an upcoming apocalypse. It covers its anxieties, fears, and dreads of the destruction just around the corner in punchy, light-hearted riffs and drowns them in synths. In the face of certain doom, Okusami leans on the good that remains, as she does in “I Would Find You,” when she sings “To the end of the world together / I will stick with you.”

Listen to “I Would Find You” below.