Moses Sumney is full of self-doubt on the new music video for "Me in 20 years" - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

“Me in 20 Years,” the third single for singer/songwriter Moses Sumney’s sophomore album græ, finally has an accompanying music video. Featured on the second half of the double LP, “Me in 20 Years” features Sumney’s signature falsetto carrying a gorgeously introspective melody, while stuttering percussion and lethargic synths round out the track. Lyrically, “Me in 20 Years,” explores Sumney’s hopes and fears for the future. Contemplating a life not lived, Sumney asks “Have I become the cavity I feared? / Ask me in twenty years.”

The accompanying music video, released this week, shares a similarly dark and introspective aesthetic. Sumney, old and decrepit, living in a dilapidated apartment, wanders around his room despondently. Ultimately, on both the song and the video, Sumney comes across as full of doubt and preemptive regret; he hasn’t yet lived a full life, but he’s already worried that it won’t be meaningful. It’s bizarre to think that one of the most exciting, celebrated artists of the past few years carries some of the same internalized self-doubt that we all have from time to time.

Watch Moses Sumney’s “Me In 20 Years” music video below. Read about Moses Sumney’s breathtaking sophomore album græhere.

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