Indie duo Love? said the Commander released their second EP today. A Place For Our Heads combines Kate Hall’s powerful vocals and lyricism with Chris Bishop’s intricate, dynamic guitars to create something truly inspired.

The members of Love? said the Commander met two years ago via a Craiglist ad. Hall, who sings and plays guitar, violin, and percussion, was looking for a musical partner and Bishop, who plays guitar, was seeking a singer. Their debut EP, A Million Miles Away, was released last summer. Two singles from A Place For Our Heads, “Misery” and “No Luck,” were released in the lead-up to the EP release.

The best musical duos work so tightly in sync that each partner’s contributions are inextricably tied to the other. This is what Love? said the Commander achieves with its fluid back-and-forth between Hall’s vocal work and Bishop’s guitar lines. All five songs on A Place For Our Heads demonstrate that both members of the band respect each other’s musical abilities, and have a general respect for what music means beyond a combination of lyrics and instrumentation. Beyond vocals, Hall showcases her violin abilities in an extended solo on “Fire Light.”

Today at 7 p.m. ET (4 p.m. PT), Love? said the Commander will be doing a live performance of the entire EP on Facebook and Instagram. In the meantime, listen to A Place For Our Heads below.