RedTouchBlack's new single "Snow Girl" is a culmination of their sound so far - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

South Philly psychedelic hard rock band RedTouchBlack recently released their third single “Snow Girl.” The track follows a recent release of a music video for their last single, “Scorched Earth.”

“Snow Girl” really pulls together the group’s psychedelic, fuzzy, hard rock sound. The slower stretched out vocal element of their first single, “Long Legs” and the heaviness of “Scorched Earth” wonderfully play out on the track.

The rhythm guitar throughout the song has hints of Van Halen’s classic distortion, making for a powerful and catchy riff. Lead singer and Guitarist, Adam Greer, incorporates a lyrical build enhanced by the accompanying instrumentals, where he starts in a confident state and powerfully sings, “And if you so choose / to let me lose / I’d understand / but I’m still your man / I’m still your man / oh yes I am.”

The psychedelic element of the band’s sound can really be heard when Greer’s vocals become isolated in the middle of the track and the lyrics progress to him repetitively singing “I’ve lost myself / never to return.” The lyrical build returns to a more amplified version of the beginning, with a loud lead guitar solo to close out the track.

Listen to “Snow Girl” below.

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