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Faye Webster‘s last album, Atlanta Millionaire’s Club, displayed a stunning collection of downtempo, alt-country ballads. Take “Kingston,” for example: the melancholy track opens with lush-yet-sparse guitar chords, while Webster croons “The day I met you I started dreamin’.” Slide guitars, woozy saxophones, and lazy drums provide a soft backing: the track feels as warm and comfortable as a pair of faded jeans.

“In A Good Way,” her first single after the release of Atlanta Millionaire’s Club, took a decidedly more melancholy turn. In the chorus, Webster sings “You make me wanna cry / In a good way.” The simple declaration is still pointed, and thanks to Webster’s stunning vocals, carries a landslide of emotions.

Now, with her latest single, “Better Distractions,” Webster continues to improve and elaborate on the vibes that made up Atlanta Millionaire’s Club, while staying in the same gloomy pocket of “In A Good Way.” The instrumentation — a slide guitar, piano, bass, and drums — are largely in the same style that she’s played with before. “Better Distractions” offers a far more compelling melody, though, than any of her music to date. It takes on an almost soul-inspired sound, as Webster syncopates “Will you, will you / be with me?” over a looping a kit rhythm.

If Webster’s latest singles are indicative of the direction of her next project (whatever it is), it will certainly be another stunning release in the 21-year old’s already-fantastic discography. Listen to Faye Webster’s “Better Distractions” below.

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