Philly DJ, producer, and sound artist King Britt picked up for the West Coast earlier this year, where he holds an assistant teaching professorship in the Computer Music Department at the University of California San Diego. As part of the move, he set up a recording space in his new Cali digs, where he recently filmed a video for Fact Mag’s Patch Notes series — a video spotlight on electronic artists, and the equipment they use to make their magic.

In an overhead shot, we see King manipulating about a dozen different modular synth units — Fact notes that the Roland SH-101 and Moog Mother-32 are key pieces of the setup — over the course of a 12-minute, bubbling dreamscape. It’s very reminiscent of the heady work he’s done with his sci-fi Fhloston Paradigm project, particularly its performance on WXPN’s Star’s End.

As King tells Fact Mag, “My live jams are always sound responses to things happening either close in my life or to humanity as a whole. With this I was feeling hopeful for humanity, a feeling that may help those who listen closely. The chords are the light.”

Watch below.