Brendan McHale and Christian Turzo, Philly musicians and bandmates across several local gigs including Whaler Jr. and RFA, have joined forces yet again for their latest project Echo Kid. Drawing on both the rock and roll of RFA and the more indie-psychedelic elements of Whaler Jr., Echo Kid’s latest single Round and Round is a catchy track that will make you yearn to be in a small venue, late at night, in the company of strangers and enjoying everything that comes with live music.

Earlier this month, Echo Kid released The Clementine Session, an EP of live, one-take instrumentals recorded in March. “Round and Round” is a more fine-tuned track that was also recorded within the confines our their apartment, adding distant, layered vocals and pitched up background harmonies. The combination of a low rhythm guitar and vocal register paired with higher-toned harmonies and lead guitar slides create an enthralling melody along with sincere lyrics: “It doesn’t get better than this.”

The duo’s scene-setting descriptor of the track makes you have in mind the times before COVID, where “The band plays all night and no one is wearing a mask” at an intimate gig, with feelings of autumn in the air. They channel this with its incentive to ”bring you back to where you were and where you need be again.”

Check out “Round and Round” below.