Just in time for the upcoming election day, Emily Drinker’s newest single “Don’t Waste Your Say” lyrically encourages civic engagement in her traditional style that blends folk, R&B, soul and pop. 

The Philly singer-songwriter told The Key that the track was written a few years back for a contest that she didn’t realize she won because the prize was lost in the mail. The song’s sentiment is even more profound with its current release joining the political discourse around getting to the polls as the November 3 election closes in.

On the track, Drinker seems to recollect on the importance of political engagement after being dismissive of it earlier in life, while smoothly singing over a subtle R&B instrumental, “Now I know my voice is stronger / It’s taken me far too long to do my part / Now I know I’ve got to use my vote.” Drinker told The Key that the song is about “using your voice for good, standing up for what’s right, and exercising your right to vote.”

Listen to “Don’t Waste Your Say” below and grab a download via Bandcamp here.