Philly singer-songwriter and rapper Selina Carrera instills genre-blending qualities into their experimental trap-soul project Cvgebird, encouraging listeners to open their wings along with them and unapologetically exist as themselves. Their latest single “Frida Trap” is an upbeat track that fuses swift house beats with lyrics of resistance and liberating identities that have been wronged by systems of oppression and societal constraints on expression. 

Prior to the single’s release, Cvgebird previewed its music video as a trailer. In the video, their voice echoes as they give a monologue in an empty room, focusing on themself in the mirror and speaking about the body as a “cage to the spirit.” Carrera’s spoken dialogue encapsulates the themes within “Frida Trap,” as the song serves a multitude of meanings from commemorating the gender-fluid revolutionary Frida Khalo to finding freedom in one’s identity. With a clear focus on their face in the mirror, Cvgebird meditates on the body as being “the physical gatekeeper before entering our true form, so many of us fall victim to the conditionings of the system set up to trap us and make us forget who we are.” Cvgebird spoke about “Frida Trap” via Instagram:

“This song is an ode to Frida Kahlo, non-binary identities, and Indigenous people worldwide. I wanted to create something we can dance to, we can rage to, reimagine and create to. I hope you play this song to recharge your spirit and share with those around you. Play it at the parties, add it to your playlists, play it when you wake up, and when you need to release. Feel it in your spirit when you hear it.”

Carrera often brings a compelling, charismatic presence to her music, and “Frida Trap” does not fall short. It’s an energetic, catchy anthem that calls out systems of injustice and simultaneously empowers marginalized identities to be their authentic selves within its spirited beat. Listen to “Frida Trap” here.