Boot & Saddle isn’t coming back after the pandemic.

The 150-capacity South Broad Street venue opened in 2013 an has been a beacon for touring artists, a home base for Philly bands, host of artist residencies from Strand of Oaks to Julian Casablancas, and a philanthropic space for locally-focused fundraising efforts like Lame-O Records’ annual January residency which has drummed up financial support for organizations like Juntos and Beyond the Bars.

In an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, promoter Sean Agnew — who co-owned Boot & Saddle along with national promoters AEG/Bowery — said that the venue is permanently closing because it was too expensive to maintain both Boot and their larger Philadelphia venue, Union Transfer. “We no longer have the luxury to be pay the rent, bills and all the other expenses for two shuttered venues,” Agnew told the Inquirer‘s Dan De Luca, referencing the complete live music shutdown that’s been in place since March.

The venue’s sound system, lighting rig, and bar equipment will be sold in a further effort to keep Union Transfer afloat. According to the venue’s statement on Twitter, a “RIP Boot & Saddle” shirt will be sold to help pay health care costs for venue staff and further put UT in a good position to reopen. The neon sign will remain attached to the building.

Read the full Inquirer report here, check out some memorable Boot moments below.