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West Philly rapper Freddy Foodstamps has been flying under the radar for years. He first popped on the scene about a decade ago as a part of the rap collective PurpVarsity. While his colleagues released various full-length projects over the years, Freddy made appearances on songs from others in his camp. Aside from sporadically releasing songs here and there over the past six years and the occasional open mic or showcase, the emcee kept himself occupied with other non-music-related endeavors.

Even without an album under his belt, his two recent releases “Latin” and “Godsend” are more than worth a listen and leave listeners yearning for more. Upon first listen, it’s obvious that the lyricist has been honing his craft for some time. 

“Latin” is a somber three minute and 36-second track that reflects on depression, abuse, suicide, and addiction. Freddy explores these topics and other gut-wrenching issues over a trippy, experimental mellow beat.

Freddy does not hold back at the beginning of the song as he lists all of the trauma he’s experienced in his 30 years. “I’ve dealt with addiction, substance abuse, domestic abuse. / I’ve seen it all, fuck am I supposed to do? / Daddy was never around, most days I was feeling down. / In the pool of thoughts, I drowned. All my life I had to fight, fuck you thought my life was like?”

The song goes on to highlight the artist’s tenacity to overcome obstacles and all the weapons forged against him. 

“Godsend” is the perfect follow up to “Latin” — this is a song of the triumph and success that comes with rising above your demons. The upbeat production paired with Freddy’s braggadocious delivery creates the perfect motivational track. 

“All I ever do is elevate. / I might fuck around and levitate. / I can flow until the levees break.”

The level of confidence that Freddy exudes as he proclaims deityhood is a far cry from the somber attitude on “Latin.” In sum, Freddy overcame.

He has a handful of other tracks listed on his Soundcloud dating back six years. Hopefully, these two masterful releases spur him to bless us with more.

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