CVGEBIRD celebrates two years with a transcendant music video for the 2018 single "HIYAA" - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

Philly’s Selina Carrera, the singer-songwriter and rapper behind the trap-soul project CVGEBIRD, is celebrating the two year anniversary of the project with a music video for their debut single “HIYAA” 

The sounds of birds at the video’s opening resonates with the uplifting energy that typically fills CVGEBIRD’s music. “When I was younger all I ever wanted was to fly / Spread my wings and let ‘em take me higher,” Carrera sings this message over a deep bass on “Hiyaa,” mirroring itself on CVGEBIRD’s latest “Frida Trap” when they rap “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” Although the sentiment in these parallels is omnipresent throughout CVGEBIRD’s work, they spoke about struggling during the time period of “Hiyaa” and finding their spirit through the track on their Instagram:     

“I wrote #HIYAA when I was experiencing a hard low in life, and listening to this song on repeat was the only thing uplifting my spirit. I hope this song and music video resonates with your spirit the way it did with mine, and lifts you up with ease, self-love and confidence when you need a reminder of how great you are.”

Throughout the video, Carrera wears a vibrant jacket and matching eye makeup with shots cutting a snowy Philly outside, where they are dressed in black and expressive in a more relaxed manner. Perhaps these dichotomies have an unfixed meaning, but the duality feels like a representation of both highs and lows that CVGEBIRD reflects on within their music, ultimately pulling themselves and listeners up through their lyrics and sound.

Check out the video for “HIYAA” below.

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