Philly rocker Barney Cortez rolled out an impressive run of solo singles earlier this year, and today released an eclectic new four-song EP that covers a range of sounds and emotions that feels very in sync with the quarantine mindset.

The songs on Drive Through Heart touch on British folk music, glam-tinged psychedelia, and country and western, while the words explore ennui, escapism, and dreams. While it’s not clear how much of the music was written during COVID, the lockdown (and recently renewed restrictions in Philly) make it hit a different way.

On Instagram, Cortez calls it “a search for peace, meaning & a look at the absurd & meaningless. An attempt to let go of the sick pleasure cycle of media, attention, sex, posturing, co-dependency, games, obsession, etc. & move onto the real unbound version of yourself (which even this release is partially wrapped up in).”

Listen below, and grab a download at Bandcamp.