Philly punk rock trio BEES! is challenging the hive mind with their latest single “Life Coach.”

Lead singer and guitarist Mike Huff told The Key about the track and its lyrics satirical play on misattributed quotes and critiques of how ignorance quickly spreads: “It’s a song about misappropriated quotes and how everybody thinks they’re the smartest person on the internet.”

As a follow-up to their February self-titled EP, the new single fits their self-described “goofy riffy punk” with heavy instrumental arrangements building off a single riff that opens the song. Its closing is climatic, with backing harmonies echoing Huff’s vocals in an exploding manner as if it were a physical denial of falling into the trap that the lyrics speak to: “Everybody loves to think what happens in their mind / Is the way that things should play out every single time / Everybody but me / Everybody.”

The guitar element on “Life Coach” is a driving force that carries excitement all the way through, only heightened by the added punch of drummer Steve Ulrich and the bass of Adam Sivilich steadying and building up that rhythm.

Listen to “Life Coach” below.