Wild Pink‘s sound has always been rooted in Americana, and “You Can Have It Back” is a warm continuation of that tradition: frontman John Ross says the track is “inspired by Fleetwood Mac, and… “If I Needed You” by Townes Van Zandt (one of the greatest songs ever written).” The minimal, repetitive melody features Ross dejectedly singing “Your love you gave to me / You can have it back” guest vocalist Julia Steiner of Chicago-based Ratboys. Instrumentally, the sound references bands like the War On Drugs, with a dense, kaleidoscopic mix peppered with pedal steel guitars and soothing synths.

“You Can Have It Back” will be featured on Wild Pink’s upcoming third album, A Billion Little Lights, which will be out February 19th via Royal Mountain Records, and arrives in the wake of the upcoming album’s first single, “The Shining but Tropical.”

The accompanying music video for “You Can Have It Back” was shot in Philly’s Mount Moriah Cemetery. Childhood video reels are spliced with drawn-out shots of a woman dancing and the band wiping down mirrored headstones, adding a vaguely macabre feel to the nostalgic song.

Check out Wild Pink’s “You Can Have It Back” below, and pre-order A Billion Little Lights here.