Philly’s Brian Walker is shifting gears with his project A Day Without Love on his latest collaboration project Mega Jawn. 15 different artists from Philadelphia, DC, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Chicago have teamed up with A Day Without Love, where he’s delved into a variety of genres from each musician’s respective style to co-write the project’s tracks.

Mega Jawn encapsulates the idea of A Day Without Love as a “traveler and community-driven artist” and “represents his community and the people who have supported him,” according to a press release. Boasting a long list of contributors like Bartees Strange, Erin Fox, and Marcelyn, to name a few, the compilation is multifaceted with its themes and genre-spanning features from hip-hop to folk. It’s all tied together by the common thread of A Day Without Love and the vision of sameness and community he sees in all of Mega Jawn’s contributors.

Prior to Mega Jawn, A Day Without Love released the album Comfort In The Bedroom, and also announced he will be releasing a poetry book next year in addition to a new studio album and documentary. Walker shared via Instagram, “This year has led me to a lot of change, productivity, and hard work.” He will also perform alongside Riverby for a live stream as a part of The Alternative’s Streaming Sundays on November 29.

Mega Jawn is available on December 4. Check out the full list of its contributors below.

Mega Jawn co-songwriters:
Alexandra Kay March (Philadelphia)
Samryebread (Philadelphia)
Bartees Cox( Washington DC)
Marcelyn (Philadelphia)
Andrew Ryan ( New York City)
Branden Bauer (Philadelphia)
Jake Detwiler (Philadelphia)
Internal Rhyme( Los Angeles)
Maria Mirenzi of Brother Martin (Philadelphia) 
Best Hit TV ( New Jersey)
Juliet Eve( Philadelphia)
Esther( Chicago)
Erin Fox (Philadelphia)
Plead the Filth (Philadelphia)

Other Philadelphia collaborators:
Em Downing(Cello/Violin)
Branden King (Drums)
Michael Santa Cruz (Drums)
Luke Shefski (Cello)
Taylor Kelly ( Trumpet)
Jace Miller (Bass) 
Aaron Weiss (Piano)  
Pet Ferris (French Horn)