In the wake of Boot & Saddle’s untimely closure, the beloved Philly concert venue has started a fundraising series to support NIVA. The series, called Live At Boot & Saddle, is a collection of live recordings of a variety of artists from their performances at Boot & Saddle. The collection includes performances from Tigers Jaw, The Menzingers, Gladie, Kite Party, and many more.

Live At Boot & Saddle is out now on Bandcamp, coinciding with the platform’s latest “Bandcamp Friday.” Bandcamp Fridays are designated days where Bandcamp waives any fees they take from sales, and puts all money directly into the pockets of artists. All proceeds from Live At Boot & Saddle will benefit NIVA, the National Independent Venue Association, who have been lobbying Congress to increase support to independent venues effected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Check out Live At Boot & Saddle here, listen to highlights below, and learn more about NIVA here.