RHYE | photo courtesy of the artist

This week, we’ve got a handful of new releases cued up for you! To start, we’ll wade into the calm that is the new album from Rhye. Home is a collection of songs that inspire through its intimacy, soulfulness, and delicacy. If you’re looking for something soothing, look no further. Also this week check out a new live album, recorded at Pike Place Market in Seattle, from The Head & The Heart. There’s some exuberant indie rock courtesy of the Toronto four-piece Kiwi Jr. Their second album, Cooler Returns, is actually their debut for the Sub Pop label, and it’s out today. London based soul singer Jordan MacKampa left us wanting more after releasing his debut, Foreigner, last year. Well, more is what we get in the form of a new EP titled Come Around. And indie dream-pop songwriter Madeline Kenney has a new, four song EP out today as well. #Press Play & enjoy!

Rhye — Home

We LOVE: “Helpless”; “Black Rain”

The Head & the Heart — Live from Pike Place Market

We LOVE: “Down in the Valley” (available exclusively on Amazon)

Kiwi Jr. — Cooler Returns

We LOVE: “Cooler Returns”; “Undecided Voters”

Jordan MacKampa — Foreigner

We LOVE: “Care For Your Mother”

Madeline Kenney — Summer Quarter

We LOVE: “Summer Quarter”