Anna Fox Rochinski is set to debut her solo album, Cherry, on November 26th. In anticipation of her debut, the former singer-guitarist and co-songwriter of New York indie folk band Quilt has released the title track and a music video to go along with it.

Listening to “Cherry” gives a taste of what is to come and shows that Rochinski is departing from the sound that defined her in her work with Quilt. As she explains in a press release, “I lost interest in chord-based guitar music and constructed this record mostly from melodies and beats and bass lines, with guitar as an accessory rather than necessary ingredient.” The result is intriguing, with geometric rhythms that border on an avant-funk sound. Dissonant lines run over the space between Rochinski’s vocals, leaving the listener feeling off-kilter and almost floating in the moments not anchored by her singing.

The music video for “Cherry” is dreamlike in its disjointed structure, jumping from one location to another in a vacant hotel. The interludes between Rochinski’s singing are accompanied by quicker cuts between flashes of seemingly random footage, further reinforcing the unsteady instrumentals.

Watch the music video below and consider pre-ordering Cherry.