Dan Cousart, best known for his work as the lead singer and songwriter of Philly rockers RFA, just released a two-song, his debut release under his own name. The songs live up to everything one would expect from Cousart, though they are also sharper and slightly more modern than his work with RFA. Both cuts are effortlessly cool and pair clean production (care of Kyle Pulley at Headroom) with even cleaner songwriting.

The first song, “Look Back,” opens with a pulsing beat, a hypnotic guitar line, and laid back vocals. As the refrain approaches, the song reaches a moment of stillness before a sudden burst of intensity. It’s at that moment that Cousart comes back in, his vocals more passionate and raspy than they were before. The song continues in much the same way, with the song pulling back and then driving forward.

The second song, “Straight Through the Floor,” is much milder. Cousart’s performance is no less passionate, but is more consistently gentle and is accompanied by relatively sparse instrumentation, with the verses featuring only vocals and a melodic synth line.

You can listen to the release below, via Bandcamp, or check it out on Spotify. Keep up on Cousart’s solo activity at his new Facebook page, and follow RFA here.