Matt Vantine, the former frontperson of Philly rockers The Fleeting Ends, just released a new song, “Holy Magnetism,” with an accompanying music video.

As Vantine explains, the song is about a “self-righteous, narcissistic character that believes he has god-given magnetism and charm.” The video places Vantine into the lead role, staring the viewer down as vintage footage is projected overtop.

“Holy Magnetism” draws inspiration from religious imagery.

I started introducing some tent-revival religious themes into the lyrics as well as lines that evoke the imagery of religious folk speaking in tongues, hypnotized by their god. We are at a time right now when people are attempting to justify inexcusable acts with their religious beliefs. I am also at a point in my life where I’m deviating from the extreme religious beliefs that I was raised with, so the tongue-in-cheek religious nature of the lyrics seemed fitting as I was writing them.  

However, the religious influence doesn’t stop just with the music video. The song itself was specifically influenced by gospel music: Michael Kahana helped provide an organ part and harmonies reminiscent in the chorus. Vantine’s rock style brings just enough edge to bring some life and put-on vanity to the character that the song centers around.

Check out the video below and check out the rest of Vantine’s music on Spotify.