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Rapper lojii just released a new EP as thanks to everyone who helped him save his cat, Taurus. The opening track, “to the ppl (intro),” helps establish that fact, with a woman monologuing about being thankful and a cat’s meow popping in at the last few seconds, a sound which is echoed again later in “keep_it_real.”

taurus_EP‘s general nature doesn’t lend itself to digging as deep as lojii’s longer-form releases. Despite that, it does show off his skill and unique style, and still brings up interesting perspectives. All five tracks were produced by absent avery, who had previously worked with lojii for a few tracks on lo&behold. The laid back jazz piano loops combine with the characteristic lo-fi style that lojii leans into to create a compelling backdrop for his musings.

In general, the album focuses on what the Philly based rapper described in an Instagram post as “loose meditations.”

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That description is fairly apt, as it feels like a sort of stream of consciousness with a central call for change — both personally and societally. “under$core” and “inthefield,” for instance, seem to touch on the idea of moving forward and striving for something more. “keep_it_real” hints at that same concept, but also brings up ideas of social justice when lojii says, “old politicans trying to take away our choices / silencing our voices / find me with the voiceless.” “sposed2feel” similarly talks about the need for change in our society when lojii proclaims, “I pray for peace, but fuck the police and the system though.”

You can check out taurus_EP below or you can read an interview that lojii did with The Key last year.

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