Philly beatmaker Old City equally channels the energy of rap and punk rock, constructing sick hip-hop beats out of samples from classic hardcore records.

On “Sixers,” the latest from Old City’s self-titled EP, the source material is the chugging rhythm section of “Six Pack” from Black Flag’s Damaged, and the lyrical perspective comes from the project’s primary vocalist Tre Marsh (aka Tr38cho), as well as King Ani Mal and revered California MC MURS, each taking a verse to speak to what it feels like being an outsider in their scenes.

The brilliant flip book animation by piu on the “Sixers” video is meant to evoke equal parts stifling boredom and boundless creativity; in a press release, the beatmaker calls it “reminiscent of a student sketching while in detention for cutting class.”

Old City’s self-titled EP is available now for your Bandcamp Friday shopping needs; pick up a copy here and watch the “Sixers” video below.