Singer-songwriter Lois Volta has been making her way around the Philly rock scene for a while now, first catching our attention playing keys and singing backups in the Marah offshoot Adam and Dave’s Bloodline, and more recently stepping out on her own with the solo singles “Feels So Good” and “I’m Allright.”

Back in late January, Volta released her latest project: a pensive, emotional set called 4 Songs that calls to mind some of the best post-grunge singer-songwriters of the 90s and early 00s: Kristen Hersh, Joan As Police Woman, and PJ Harvey.

Backed by bassist Adam Ravitz and drummer Sean McGuinness of Pissed Jeans, the set moves at a pensive pace as drums boom in the distance on opener “Starry Crown” and Volta’s guitar tears into the gnarly bluesy meditations on “Strip Me.” “You could be a little nicer to me,” she sings in a mix of detachment and catharsis.

“Caritas” is a bit brighter, gliding like a long-lost Jeff Buckley song, but burning with frustration as Volta addresses the narcissism that comes with capitalism: “the children of the one percent, they dance as though they’re heaven-sent.” Still, there’s room for forgiveness on the moving closer “The Con,” but forgiveness with a catch: “I wish the best for them, just leave me alone,” Volta sings. “Get me out of your mind.”

Full of rage and beauty, Lois Volta’s 4 Songs is immersive and impressive; listen below, and grab a download here, for Bandcamp Friday.