Before becoming a musician, Frances Quinlan‘s main creative outlet was visual art — they even hold a BFA in painting from Baltimore’s Maryland Institute College of Art. You may already recognize Quinlan’s artwork from the covers of their band Hop Along’s albums, as well as their recent solo album Likewise.

Now, Quinlan has launched, a website to showcase their art and sell screen prints and paintings. The universal difficulty of the past year has inspired Quinlan, who describes creating art as “when I feel most free,” to confront and process this pain through their artwork.

“Every so often, on other platforms I have been asked whether I sell my artwork,” Quinlan explains in a statement of intent. “The answer I’ve generally given is that I would like to, someday, but have been nervous to pursue it in more concrete terms. While this on some level remains true, a growing part of me insists that I make greater efforts to move past my anxiety. So here we are, and here is my work.”

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