Brewerytown Records just released a compilation of songs produced by Manny Campbell in the late 60s and early 70s. Campbell, a vibraphone player and Chester native, came to Philadelphia in 1968 and set up shop at the brand new Sigma Sound Studios, working with house band MFSB to bring vibrant young artists into the studio.

Early on, Campbell wrote two songs that were recorded by singer Carolynn Porter, and until now unreleased. He later returned to Sigma with three new groups, including New Jersey funk outfit The New Establishment, who later changed their name to The Randalls, and The Nu-Rons, whose early songs “All My Life” and “I’m A Loner,” recorded with Campbell in 1970, would become recognized as Northern soul classics.

The compilation also includes two unreleased songs by The Delights, a quartet of Campbell’s young cousins and their friends from Chester who had previously been employed as backing singers for the O’Jay’s, the Delfonics and the Stylistics. They were joined by 16-year-old singer “Peaches,” who later found success under the name Brandi Wells.

All My Life (The Songs Of Manny Campbell) is out now via Bandcamp. The songs were remixed and remastered from the original multi track tapes by Brewerytown Records’ Max Ochester with help from Tom Moulton.

Manny Campbell, now 95, lives in Atlanta. His publishing company, Emandolynn Music, is still in operation and has been releasing music for over 50 years.