Philly’s Swim Camp is digging into the past with their first release for a new label, Know Hope Records.

Ahead of the two-song 7″ single release on May 7, Swim Camp released the a-side, a slowcore-inspired track called “Stupid Thing.” Tom Morris, the artist behind the musical moniker, told Brooklyn Vegan that the project reflects the tendency he had to dig for things as a kid at the beach, and how it’s grown into a desire as an adult to dig hard and below the surface at the things he sees.

This theme of digging is clear on the song, as Morris gently sings “I’m not so quick / It always takes me a little bit / To find out what it really is.” Amidst the search for answers in the lyrical digging, vocals float just beneath the song’s instrumental arrangements, juxtaposing the elements of the known and unknown.

Check out Swim Camp’s “Stupid Thing” below, and pre-order the project here.