You don’t always have to be alone to feel lonely; DECOUPLR’s “Cold Sweat” makes this clear. 

The electronic pop duo Bailey Walker and Adam Laub just released a new music video for this track, which comes from their latest album DIGITAL BONFIRE, and its moody visuals correspond with the song’s themes of isolation. A dark color palette, kaleidoscopic effects and glitchy visuals with the help of visual design team SUPERVOID.TV make the mood palpable. Laub spoke via a press release about the collaboration:

“It was an amazing experience to get to work with One of the more unique effects that their team was able to create was done by strapping multicolored crystals to the edges of the camera lenses. The crystals overlapped the shot, and by setting up lights that refracted through the crystals, the camera shots gained a colorful, kaleidoscopic effect.”

Although standing next to one another, “Cold Sweat’s” visuals convey a distance between Laub and Walker, a physical connection that is present but may not necessarily be felt. Check out the video below; DECOUPLR was recently featured on the XPN-produced PRI show Echoes with John Diliberto. Listen to that interview here, and for more watch their performance for Unprecedented Sessions recorded at Sleepless Sound Studio in Germantown.