Arlo Parks recently covered Patti Smith’s “Rodondo Beach” from the iconic Horses LP as part of a series of videos by La Blogothèque that has artists cover a song in a genre completely different than their own.

Recorded back in 2020, the finally released cover shows Parks reimagining Smith’s swaggery performance with her own gentler vocals. The reggae backdrop of the original song is repackaged into a simple piano accompaniment, rounding out Parks’ more serene rendition. Left completely intact is the meaning of the song, but Parks’ brings a quiet sort of mourning to the tragic narrative. She transforms Smith’s hard-punching song into a hushed yet no less impactful piece.

In addition to Parks’ performance, the video features a brief interview with the singer-songwriter. In it she shares her views on punk music and its surrounding subculture, as well as the personal impact that Smith’s music has had on her.

Horses has a special place in my heart just because of the topics she explores and how powerful she is as a woman and how unapologetic she is.

Check out Parks’ “Redondo Beach” cover and interview below. Parks will be performing at The Foundry of The Fillmore this on October 27. You can find out more about the event and where to get tickets over at The Fillmore’s website.