1695 release an airy, semi-psychedelic EP, Rare Air - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

Like many other projects created over quarantine, Joe Kusy and Vince Alvaré weren’t able to actually physically be together to record anything for their new project, 1695. But when you’ve known someone for nearly a decade, it clearly isn’t necessary to record in person to make a solid album.

The two artists met in college roughly a decade ago and performed together in the Philly-based goth / acid-rock band Far-Out Fangtooth for a number of years. Kusy and Alvaré also played with The Whips and Point Breeze Country Club respectively, with Kusy releasing some additional solo work. 1695 marks a new project for the two that showcases the edgy, experimental sound that the two have culminated in their long careers as musicians.

The whole project has been kicked off by an airy, slurring, and semi-psychedelic EP. Rare Air delivers a unique and occasionally eerie experience. The duo’s vocals blend together perfectly on every song, with a greater atmosphere being built on Kusy’s guitar and Alvaré’s synth work. The whole thing manages to be sonically cohesive while touching on a variety of genres, showcasing the talent of the two artists behind the EP. Take a listen to Rare Air below.

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